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The Foremost Green Institution in Nigeria

The Green Institute is a social enterprise created for the purpose of fulfilling the market potential of environmental sustainability. Acting as a hybrid organisation, with both a for-profit and non-profit arm, we focus on Education, Advocacy and Social Entrepreneurship to advance the green agenda in emerging economies. The Green Campus Initiative is our non-profit arm that advocates for and encourages students to adopt more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. The institute offers both training and research, in line with some of the challenges listed in the Sustainable Development Goals. Our principal area of concentration is environmental sustainability, but we adopt both a micro and macro-level approach that encompasses relevant studies in the sciences, arts and social sciences. Our onsite campus is located in Ondo Kingdom, Nigeria.
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“Our goal is not only to empower young people to be environmentally aware and to adopt green practices but to also become social change makers in their various communities.”

Adenike Akinsemolu, Founder

The Mission

The mission of the Green Institute is to prepare students from emerging economies to make substantial gains in the field of environmental sustainability. We approach sustainability from an emerging economy context, and our research and engagements provide our students with the tools and skills to kick-start careers in their respective communities. The faculty and staff of the Institute are dedicated to this mission and accomplish it through in-depth research and innovative practicum training. Our institute stresses both a micro and macro-level approach to environmental sustainability. As such, we borrow from varying schools of thought to give our students an effective, engaging and transformative education. We expect the most from our students, and offer our best services and expertise as well, to ensure their success as they make constructive changes both locally and globally

Our Approach

The Green Institute currently offers Nano-degrees (both on-site and online) with academic programs in Sustainable Science and Technology, Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Social Research and History. The Institute’s faculty of academics and researchers in environmental sustainability bring a wealth of experience to challenge students to grasp the ever-evolving challenges and nuances of the Green Movement. Part of the appeal of The Green Institute is our inclusivity. While we will accept tuition-paying students, we will also fund students through our Trash for Education Scheme. The program works by allowing students to earn credits for valuable wastes that they collect. The trash credits can then be redeemed for books and tuition fees. The commitment to purchase the trash is made by the state government and private corporations who will buy it at a set price from our institute.

The Green President

Damilola S. Olawuyi is a Professor of International Law and a David Sive Scholar. He is an alumnus of Harvard and Oxford Universities.


Our logo symbolizes growth, nature, life, renewal, and rebirth. It integrates the visual representation of the Green Institute and our core values.