The Green Institute currently offers NanoDegrees  with academic programs in Sustainable Science and Technology, Sustainable Business and Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Social Research and History. These faculties at Green Institute provide students with information and skills necessary for global development. With unlimited access to relevant educational materials and a repertoire of seasoned and established professionals as faculty members, students are bound to have the best of learning experience. We are committed to providing access to eco-friendly education for anyone who wants to learn fundamentals and upgrade their skills.


Man affects nature. With the unheralded rise of science and technology, we seem to have impacted the environment in negative ways. However, science and technology can also be pivotal in impacting positive environmental growth. The field of sustainable science and technology delves into the expanding role of science in fueling environmental sustainability. The institute trains students to see both science and technology as agents of change in achieving environmental justice. We stress both practicum training and research in achieving this aim. Students may choose any of the following majors:


What is the market potential for environmental sustainability? That is the core question behind this evolving field. What viable businesses can be created that will serve the need of both environmental sustainability and profit maximisation? Recycling, for example, is a growing industry- but what other avenues and businesses exist in the untapped market of environmental sustainability. The institute trains students to both develop sustainable businesses and expand upon sustainable practices. Students may choose any of the following majors


Before graduating, students must propose a viable business plan for their individual sustainable business or expand on an already existing one.


What steps have been taken to spur sustainability in the past? How do geopolitical considerations affect sustainability practices? These question and more are at the core of this department. By merging methodologies from both the arts and social sciences, the Institute enables students to think critically about these issues, while also enabling them to craft new policies and agendas that will take these important concepts into consideration. The Institute currently offers the following majors in this field:

Frequently Asked Questions

A Nanodegree is an aptitude based certification program. Nanodegree programs are designed to educate and impart the students with the quintessential skills of a particular subject. Students receive certificates of proficiency after demonstrated mastery of the subject and can use these certificates to seek better job placements successfully.
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No prerequisite courses are required to take most of the nano degree programs. Exceptions to these will be highlighted on the course page.

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